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The development of the optical fiber to the home

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FTTH is to provide customers with extremely abundant bandwidth, so has long been regarded as an ideal way of access, an important role for realization of the information society, also need to large-scale promotion and construction. FTTH fiber may be needed to apply of existing optical fiber 2 ~ 3 times. Due to the high cost of FTTH in the past, the lack of broadband video service and broadband content, make the FTTH is not mentioned the agenda, only a small amount of test. Recently, due to the progress of optoelectronic devices, optical transceiver modules and optical fiber price is greatly reduced; Coupled with the broadband content reduced, speeded up the process of the practical application of FTTH.

Perceptions of FTTH in the developed countries is not exactly the same: the AT&T think FTTH market is small, the zero f62003 declared: in 20 to 50 years is FTTH market. The operator Verizon and Sprint is more active, to retrofit in 10-12 years FTTH network. Japan's NTT the earliest development of FTTH, now has nearly 2 million users. FTTH in China at the pilot stage at present.