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Creation of communication technology

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Very wide frequency band, large capacity of communication
Fiber has a much bigger than copper wire or cable transmission bandwidth of optical fiber communication system for light source modulation characteristics, modulation mode and dispersion properties of fiber. For single wavelength optical fiber communication systems, due to the electronic bottleneck effect of terminal equipment can't play to the advantages of large optical fiber bandwidth. Usually used in a variety of complex technology to increase the transmission capacity, especially now that the DWDM technology greatly increase the transmission capacity of optical fiber. At present, the transmission rate of single wavelength optical fiber communication system is in commonly 2.5 Gbps to 10 Gbps.

Low dissipation, long distance relay
At present, the commodity silica optical fiber loss is lower than 20 db/km, the transmission loss is lower than any other losses in the transmission medium. If adopt the quartz system is extremely low loss optical fiber in the future, the theoretical analysis of loss can be lower down, which means that through the optical fiber communication system can WuZhongJi across a greater distance. For a long distance transmission lines, due to the reduction in the number of Repeaters, system can greatly reduce the cost and complexity.

Electromagnetic interference resistance ability
Fiber raw material is made of quartz insulator material, not easily corroded, and insulation is good. Associated with it is an important feature of optical waveguide immunity to electromagnetic interference, it is not affected by the nature of the thunder and lightning interference, the change of the ionosphere and the interference of sunspot activity, also is not affected by anthropogenic emissions of electromagnetic interference, it may also be used with the high voltage transmission line parallel erection or with electricity conductor composite constitute a composite fiber optic cable, this is for high voltage area, such as power transmission lines and electrified railway special communication system. Because can exempt from electromagnetic pulse effects, optical fiber transmission system is especially suitable for military applications.

No crosstalk interference, the secrecy good
In wave transmission in the process of electromagnetic leakage will cause the transmission channel crosstalk, and easy to be eavesdropping, confidentiality is poor. Light waves in optical fiber transmission, because the light signal is perfect to limit in optical waveguide structure, and any leaks of radiation is absorbed by opaque sheath surrounding the optical fiber, even in a corner, the light leakage is also very weak, even if the total number of fiber in optical fiber is very much, also won't appear crosstalk interference, adjacent channel outside the cable at the same time, also can't hacking into the optical fiber transmission of information.

In addition to the above characteristics, as well as fine fiber diameter, light weight, soft, easy to lay; The fiber rich raw material resources, the cost is low; Good temperature stability, long service life. Because the optical fiber communication has the distinct advantage of the above, it can be applied not only in communication trunk lines, can also be applied in electric power communication control systems, industrial monitoring, control, and use also more and more widely in the field of military.