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  Agreement on the protection of personal privacy


Agreement on the protection of personal privacy


When using our website we are committed to protecting your privacy, personal information provided, and personal information (collectively "personal information"), to me.In the collection, use, store and transmit personal information in accordance with (laws and regulations relating to the personal data (privacy) and the highest standards of consumer protection.

To ensure you have full confidence in handling personal information to us, you point to provisions of the detailed read and understand the privacy policy. Once you leave a message for us, in particular, will be deemed to be accepted and agreed to, promise and confirm:

You together with the required under voluntary consent to disclose personal information to us;
You will abide by all terms of this privacy policy and restrictions; If you want to log off completely delete contact information, please call: 86-755-85232320

First, the purpose of collecting users' personal information
Service mode based on our site, we collect user information (contact) is used to confirm the user's identity in order to answer the customer knowledge of English, to confirm email address, so that the free demo course correctly sent to the customer, so as not to cause delay or lost.

Second, the company how to use this information

Admit, respect and protect the message the user to this web site to provide any or all of the personal information (including name, phone, email and mailing address, etc.) and registered users, according to the civil law of the People's Republic of China shall enjoy the right of privacy. Registered the company is committed to protect users' personal information and privacy, and assure you of the information security. Company have employee to save and store this information only for the booking and return is special, not for others.

Three, whether the information will be transferred to third parties
To respect user privacy is a basic policy of this website. So, this website must not without legitimate users authorized to open, edit, or disclose its registration data and stored in a non-public content in this site. Information will only be used in contact with the customer communication in time order and consultation, not in addition to any other purposes. So the company will not be customer information to a third party. If you want to delete your personal contact information, please call: 86-755-85232320

Four, how to modify, and delete or permanently remove this information
This privacy policy may be from time to time be modified (without prior notice to you). Any changes to the privacy policy will appear in our web site. Company will have a specialist information copies in addition to, and destruction will not modify the information. Will save the user information for a long time. If you want to logout completely delete contact information, please call: 86-755-85232320

Five, the problem or question
If you have any problems or questions about this web site privacy agreement, please send detail information to send email to info@brothers-ycable.net  to contact our customer service telephone: 86-755-85232320