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What are some common uses for Cat5e ethernet cable?

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There are many uses for Cat5e ethernet cable, one of the most common would be for premise wiring. In order to set up a typical network, you must first provide connectivity in all of the rooms and various locations that you want to provide access. In most cases, there will be a central location where all of the connections originate from, and this will generally be where the server or other equipment will be located as well. To handle to massive load of connections, many server rooms will have large racks containing patch panels, switches, hubs, and various other control systems for the network. Smaller cables are needed in great numbers in order to make all of the local connections between all of the equipment in that room. In each office space, cubicle or individual room, there will be a wall plate with a jack to allow you to connect the computers to the network. You will need a Cat5e patch cable to connect each computer to the wall plate.

Cat5e ethernet cable can used in various lengths in the home networking environment as well. For example, if you have a high speed internet connection, such as DSL or Cable, you will have a modem supplied to you by the service provider. This high-speed modem will, in most cases, have and ethernet connection as the output to your computer. You can verify this by looking for the RJ45 jack on the back of the device. An RJ45 jack will be an 8-pin jack that looks similar to a telephone jack, just a bit wider. You have two choices on how you will use the high speed modem. You can connect the modem directly to the computer using a CAT 5e patch cable, or you can connect the high speed modem to a router, using a CAT 5e patch cable. Then, each individual computer you want to have high speed internet can be connected to the router using a CAT 5e patch cable. You can also use CAT 5e ethernet patch cables to connect a wireless router to your high speed modem, in order to provide connectivity to areas that you cannot run a hard line.

There are many customer applications that are in a constant state of development. Many new low-voltage uses for CAT 5 Cable are being discovered everyday.

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