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Is there any benefit to using CAT 5e solid conductor cable?

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Yes. Cat 5e can be purchased in stranded or solid conductor construction, and there is a common misconception that stranded wire is the only cable used in the production of patch cables. This simply is not the case. Solid conductor CAT 5e can transmit data at or near gigabit speeds, given it is a quality product. Solid conductor has been used for longer runs, (pulling cable from room to room, etc.) and how shown to deliver superior performance. The same can be said for patch cables made from solid conductor. CAT 5e solid conductor wire when compared to CAT 5e stranded can transmit at a faster rate, given the products are equal. Many IT professionals and casual users alike are discovering what they have been missing, and are making the switch to solid conductor patch cables and crossover cables.

CAT 5 Cable is commonly produced from only stranded material, when purchased from most retail manufacturers. This has a great deal to do with cost, as well as a common myth regarding flexibility of the cable. Unless you are planning to tie you cables into knots, this likely will never be an issue.

Another common reason why CAT 5 Cables are produced with stranded materials has to do with the manufacturing process. It is actually a more skilled operation to crimp properly into solid conductor wire than stranded. At CAT 5 Cable Company, we make the extra effort and make our cables from only the finest materials.

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