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Optical fiber communication development history in China

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Optical fiber communication development history in China

In 1973, the optical fiber communication has not been practical. Wuhan post and telecommunications ministry of posts and telecommunications research institute (wuhan institute of posts and telecommunications) began to research optical fiber communication. Because wuhan post science institute adopted the quartz optical fiber, semiconductor laser and coding standard communication machine correct technical route, make our country in the development of optical fiber communication technology on the go a lot of detours less, so that the optical fiber communication in the high and new technology in our country and developed countries have a smaller gap.

The research development of optical fiber communication in our country, in the period of ten years unrest in the closed state. Basic unable to draw lessons from foreign technology, pure belong to oneself fumble, everything all want to get, including optical fiber, optoelectronic devices and optical fiber communication systems. For development of optical fiber, raw material refining, smelting lathe, wire drawing machine, also including fiber optic test instrument and superseded tools all want oneself development, difficulty is great. Wuhan science research institute of post  and telecommunication, given the assurance that optical fiber communication can eventually used in economic construction, carried out a comprehensive study, in addition to the development of optical fiber, also for the development of optoelectronic devices and optical fiber communication system, make our country so far has a full set of optical fiber communication industry.

After reform and opening up in 1978, the research of optical fiber communication greatly accelerated. Shanghai, Beijing, wuhan and guilin has developed the optical fiber communication test system. Ministry of posts and telecommunications in 1982 key scientific research project "BaEr project" in wuhan. Is known as a practical project, the project is all commercial products, rather than experiment, want to accord with the CCITT standards, designed by design institute, construction workers, rather than technical personnel construction. Since China entered the stage of practical optical fiber communication.

In the mid - 1980 - s, the rate of digital optical fiber communication has reached 144 MB/s, phone can transmit 1980 road, more than the coaxial cable of the carrier. So, optical fiber communication as the mainstream is widely adopted, fully replace the cable in transmission lines. After national "purpose", ">", "eighth" and the "ninth five-year plan, China has built" eight vertical eight horizontal "arteries of communication, connecting various provinces throughout the country. Now, China has equipped with about 2.5 million kilometers of fiber optic cable. Optical fiber communication has become a major means of communication in China. Under the arrangement of the state ministry of science and technology, planning commission, economic commission, 1999, 8 x 2.5 Gb/sWDM system made in China for the first time in Qingdao to dalian opening, then shenyang to dalian 32 x 2.5 Gb/sWDM optical fiber communication system. In 2005 3.2 -tbps large capacity optical fiber communication system in Shanghai to hangzhou, is so far the world's highest capacity and practical circuit.

China has established a certain scale of the optical fiber communication industry. China's production of optical fiber cable and semiconductor optoelectronic devices and optical fiber communication system for domestic construction, and there is a small amount of exports.
Somebody thinks, main trunk optical fiber communication in China has been built, optical fiber communication capacity reached -tbps, almost alone, moreover IT bubbles in 2000, make the fiber price as low as 100 yuan per kilometer, almost no profit. So don't development of optical fiber communication technology.
In fact, China, in particular, in the province of rural, there are many blank need to build; 3 g mobile communication network construction also need to optical fiber network to support; With the development of the broadband business, network expansion and need, optical fiber communication still has a huge market. Annual sales of optical fiber communication equipment and cables are now rising.

Optical fiber communication in the future how to development

FTTH (fiber to the home) is the direction for the further development of optical fiber communication, it is recognized as the ideal broadband access network. At present, the so-called broadband business, mostly in the form of 500 KBPS, film and television programs. Operators in order to make full use of copper resources, using ADSL technology can provide, this makes FTTH access network mainstream time delay. In the near future, in the case of HDTV popularization, ADSL cannot meet the requirements, and advanced may meet 1 CHHDTV ADSL2 + / door. If 4 CHHDTV/door adopt FTTH is quite reasonable. TDD in the case of two-way business is widely used, has asymmetric ADSL is difficult to correspond. FTTH construction at present, the developed countries widely carried out, Japan, South Korea and the United States is developed, using a variety of passive optical network PON and Ethernet technology. China's