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Beauty was revealed through the interception of submarine cable global network control data

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Integrated media news recently, according to Hong Kong's da gong bao U.S. "Washington post" reported national security agency in the United States the latest secret slide show, in addition to the "prism" unplanned, nsa has a project called "upstream". The project through cooperation with international private cable service provider, specializes in interception of submarine optical fiber cable data, control data over the Internet around the world.

Slide show, the national security agency (NSA) are "two classes" collection, one kind is "prism", another type of collection is called "upstream", has been described as "when the data flows through fiber optic cable and communication infrastructure".


People temporarily don't know "prism" and "upstream" interaction, but makes clear that the NSA slide two collection methods are parallel motion, and instructs the analyst you must both use. Slides also shows a rough submarine cable network in North America and all over the world map, the submarine cable network took 99% of the world's phone and Internet data transfer tasks.

Slides also lists the various codes of "upstream" program, such as "beauty", "storm brewing," flatter ", "star" oak ", etc., but not in detail.

Report says, through the "prism" and the latest exposure of the "upstream" project, basically, U.S. intelligence agencies can monitor any communications via us near. In addition, the United States government appointed the federal bureau of investigation (fbi), defense and other federal agencies sent a working group, in the name of anti-terrorism, monitor and ensure that U.S. intelligence agencies can collect in the world, most of the information.

The guardian, a British journalist greenwald said 10, snowden to expose the espionage, never feel afraid, also don't regret. Greenwald said: "I admire and admire his work. His hero (snowden) to do that. I care about him, wish him well." But he did not say snowden's whereabouts.