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More details & technology between network cable

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[Q] What's the longest (maximum length) CAT 5 patch or crossover cable I can buy from you?

[A] The maximum length (maximum certifiable length) for CAT 5 patch or crossover cables is 328 feet (100 meters).

Beyond that, you run the risk of signal loss and other complications.

CAT 5 Cable Company sells patch and crossover cables in any length, up to 328 feet.


[Q] What colors are available for CAT 5 - CAT 5e cable?

[A]CAT 5 Cable Company offers both CAT 5 and CAT 5e patch and crossover cables in the following colors:

·        White

·        Gray

·        Black

·        Blue

·        Red

·        Orange

·        Yellow

·        Green

·        Purple

There is no additional charge or additional lead time regardless of the color you choose. All prices also include color-matched boots.


[Q] Can I make my own CAT 5e patch cables and CAT 5e crossover cables?

[A] With the proper training and practice, yes.

It is important to remember that you must have the proper tools and test equipment in order to do this, however. There are some information resources available that state that you can make your own CAT 5e patch and Cat 5e crossover cables without the use of a proper crimper or test meter. One source even referred to using a screwdriver blade to press the contacts into the wire. This is bad advice and should not be followed.

The reason you use that "fancy" crimper, is that you have to be certain that the contacts are crimped securely in place. If it is not crimped correctly, you can and will damage whatever you attempt to plug the improperly crimped cable into.

The notion of not using a test meter is also a bad idea, as you have no way to verify that there are no wiring errors in the completed cable, or that there are no damaged wires within the bulk cable. This is rare, but it does happen.

Bottom line, if you make your own cable, get the proper tools. Use a decent quality ratchet-action crimper, and get a decent test meter that has a wire map function. A good quality stripper, and electrical scissors will also be needed.

CAT 5 Cable Company does not provide instruction on how to make cable. We recommend only experienced personnel make their own cable.

[Q] What is the difference between CAT 6 and CAT 5e cable?

[A] Currently there is a great deal of confusion among Ethernet cable buyers concerning whether to purchase Cat5e, or to use Cat6. Most of this confusion comes from a misunderstanding by the buyer that buying Cat6 cable will give them an "all gigabit" network. This is not the case. Unless every single component in the network is gigabit rated, then you will never have a gigabit network, because your network will always run at the speed of your slowest device. Cat5e cable of good quality can run near or at gigabit speeds, it just cannot be "certified" for this use. By comparison, Cat6 is designed especially for gigabit use, and is certified to operate at said speed. It becomes a matter of whether or not you want to pay all that extra money, for little or no noticeable improvement in the performance of you network. In most cases, it makes more sense to go with Cat5e. It is for this reason that most of your new installations in the private sector are going with Cat5e. It is more economical, performs well, and is readily available in many colors. Many IT professionals when asked about why they specified Cat6 for a specific job, often responded stated that they "wanted the best they could get." This is the line of thought behind many purchases of cable. The average consumer often times is not aware that there is no real benefit to them to use Cat6, so they let someone talk them in to buying it. CAT 5 Cable Company is committed to helping people make good decisions about cable purchases and we are always standing by to help you.