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What types cable?[ 07-17 10:53 ]
Classification: normal power cable, wire cables, mining cables, rubber sets of cables, nuclear power plants, Marine cables, offshore oil cable, control cable, bare cable, communication cable, computer cable etc.
What is the principle of optical fiber communication?[ 07-17 10:44 ]
In the sender send information in the first place (such as voice) into electrical signal, and then sent to the laser modulation laser beam, makes the light intensity changes over the range of the electrical signals (frequency), and through the optical fiber to send out; After receiving the optical signal at the receiving end, detector, convert it into electrical signals after demodulation, restore the original information.
Is the difference between optical fiber and optical cable?[ 07-17 10:25 ]
Cable with optical fiber is inside, in data transfer by optical fiber cable, optical fiber, optical fiber is usually in pairs, what 4 core, 6 core, 8 cores, etc., each two core can transmit a signal.
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