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    What types cable?[ 07-17 10:53 ]
    Classification: normal power cable, wire cables, mining cables, rubber sets of cables, nuclear power plants, Marine cables, offshore oil cable, control cable, bare cable, communication cable, computer cable etc.
    The development of the optical fiber to the home[ 07-17 10:50 ]
    FTTH is to provide customers with extremely abundant bandwidth, so has long been regarded as an ideal way of access, an important role for realization of the information society, also need to large-scale promotion and construction. FTTH fiber may be needed to apply of existing optical fiber 2 ~ 3 times. Due to the high cost of FTTH in the past, the lack of broadband video service and broadband content, make the FTTH is not mentioned the agenda, only a small amount of test.
    Creation of communication technology[ 07-17 10:47 ]
    Fiber has a much bigger than copper wire or cable transmission bandwidth of optical fiber communication system for light source modulation characteristics, modulation mode and dispersion properties of fiber. For single wavelength optical fiber communication systems, due to the electronic bottleneck effect of terminal equipment can't play to the advantages of large optical fiber bandwidth.
    What is the principle of optical fiber communication?[ 07-17 10:44 ]
    In the sender send information in the first place (such as voice) into electrical signal, and then sent to the laser modulation laser beam, makes the light intensity changes over the range of the electrical signals (frequency), and through the optical fiber to send out; After receiving the optical signal at the receiving end, detector, convert it into electrical signals after demodulation, restore the original information.
    In proportion to the fiber optic cable requirement enhances unceasingly[ 07-17 10:40 ]
    Young's brother, wire and cable company was identified as security, fire alarm and communication cable supplier. With rich experience and familiar with the area of low voltage, we have targeted security and fire alarm contractor early in our business. Young's brother, efforts to focus on emerging technologies. The company set up his own reputation, between contractors, end users, engineers and professionals who demand uncompromising service and high reliability.
    Optical fiber communication development history in China[ 07-17 10:33 ]
    In 1973, the optical fiber communication has not been practical. Wuhan post and telecommunications ministry of posts and telecommunications research institute (wuhan institute of posts and telecommunications) began to research optical fiber communication. Because wuhan post science institute adopted the quartz optical fiber, semiconductor laser and coding standard communication machine correct technical route
    Optical fiber communication development history of the world[ 07-17 10:29 ]
    The invention of the optical fiber, caused a revolution in communication technology, is a 21st century is a key factors to the upcoming information society.Was born in 1966 in Shanghai, China a british-chinese Charles kao, publish the optical frequency dielectric waveguide fiber surface, quartz glass fiber (optical fiber) is put forward to transmit light signals for communication, it can realize long distance, large capacity of communication.
    Is the difference between optical fiber and optical cable?[ 07-17 10:25 ]
    Cable with optical fiber is inside, in data transfer by optical fiber cable, optical fiber, optical fiber is usually in pairs, what 4 core, 6 core, 8 cores, etc., each two core can transmit a signal.
    2013 The British show[ 07-17 08:19 ]
    2013 The British show ECOC 2013 Date:23th-25th, Sept Name : ECOC Booth Number : 251 Add: Excel London, One Western Gateway Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1XL    
    Beauty was revealed through the interception of submarine cable global network control data[ 07-16 22:27 ]
    Integrated media news recently, according to Hong Kong's da gong bao U.S. "Washington post" reported national security agency in the United States the latest secret slide show, in addition to the "prism" unplanned, nsa has a project called "upstream". The project through cooperation with international private cable service provider, specializes in interception of submarine optical fiber cable data, control data over the Internet around the world.
    Cable sheath flame retardant and fireproof properties[ 07-16 22:23 ]
    Fire retardant (Flame proof) cable is the floorboard of the cable fire performance and is usually divided into two categories, Flame retardant cable and fire-resistant cables. Starting from the fire security and its lifesaving, for cable fireproof performance requirements more and more, for example: Flame retardant (Flame retardancy) - block and delay the spread of fire along the cable, the fire is not expanded.
    Brothers-Y team[ 07-16 22:10 ]
    Since its founding, Sincere Service have been the corporate valuesdriving Brothers-Y's management and employees in their search for greater perfection in products, services, and management. Andwe have worked to make our enterprise a trusted part of society.
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